Dance Styles.

By choosing DanceWorks your child will learn to dance in a friendly, safe & structured environment. The Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) syllabus is second to none, providing grades catered to all levels, from Beginner to Advanced. Whether your child wishes to dance for fun or compete, DanceWorks caters for both.


We are the only local dance school that provides individual age based classes. Ensuring your child will learn at a pace catered to their age and ability.


Students will be placed in the appropriate grade according to their age, commitment level and physical capabilities. I ask that you respect DanceWorks decision regarding grading as we aim for the best progression and development of all students.

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is an essential part of a dancers training which forms the basis of all styles of dance. Exam classes are offered in the A.T.O.D Syllabus. DanceWorks is proud to offer training in this syllabus from Test 1 to Advanced.


National Character work is also available which introduces students to authentic steps from various “European” countries with an emphasis on technical awareness and placement. The Syllabus includes set enchainements and dances of many nationalities with pattern and partner work incorporated.


Students wishing to complete Classical Ballet Silver Star or higher Examinations will be expected to attend two Classical Ballet classes per week. 


Industry professional Adam Wheeler graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts was commissioned by ATOD to create a well-structured Contemporary training program suitable for inclusion in mainstream dance studios. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the work, which is designed to technically develop students to individually reach their full potential.


DanceWorks offers the A.T.O.D Syllabus for Contemporary currently issued in seven grades. This class will maximise the students’ potential for future dance opportunities by introducing contemporary training into their curriculum.


As there is a large reliance on classical technique for this style all students enrolled in this style must also attend at least one Classical Ballet class per week.




The focus of tap dancing is on the movement of the feet with use of arms to extend the floor pattern in choreography. The rhythmical patterns use varying amounts of force to create a variety of percussive sounds.


DanceWorks offers the A.T.O.D Tap Syllabus, which is a technically based yet, modern tap syllabus. With industry professionals Paul Davis and Shane Preston (former Tap Dogs) involved in the development of the syllabus it is full of fresh combinations specific to various tempo, style and ages. 12 levels are offered from Test 1 to Advanced and encompass a diverse range of tapping styles. Throughout this syllabus the steps are graded in a carefully designed method to develop skills in basic tap movements which lead into more advanced combinations. 



With its history in the rhythmical African style of dance Jazz is a continually c hanging and evolving genre encompassing many styles such as Broadway, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Funk and Lyrical to name a few. Often described as a more ‘grounded’ form of dance the dancer needs to show a great deal of interpretation of the music, technical skill and awareness of body mechanics for overall performance value. This is why it is so important to have a strong Classical Ballet background to excel in this style.


DanceWorks offers the A.T.O.D. Jazz Moves Syllabus from Test 1 to Advanced, which is an innovative system of training that encompasses all styles from foundation Jazz to the very latest moves. 

Hip Hop

At DanceWorks Hip Hop is offered as an extension of Jazz. Classes start the year students turn 8 years old and are available to all students who attend at least one Jazz class per week.


Hip Hop is a more casual, free style of dance and was derived from USA Street Dancing during the 1970’s but continues to develop with the current times and is strongly influenced by the music.

Tiny Toes Ballet, Jazz & Tap
Pre-School Dance Classes for Boys & Girls

These 20 minute classes in each style introduce small children to the magic and fun of mime, music and dance. Tiny Toes  classes include activities that will enable the children to explore space, to develop musicality and to improve co-ordination.


Tiny Toes classes expose young children to each style of dance and prepares them for their future years in their dancing in a social learning environment.